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Maayan Glaser-Koren, M.A., ET/P,  is a certified educational therapist and ADHD educator with years of experience working with kids  and adults- helping them with academic challenges and executive function skills at school or the workplace.  

I tailor lessons to meet the client's academic, interests, and emotional needs. My goal is to support the client's growth and perseverance by building a solid foundation for learning.


I provide the following academic services: multi-sensory programs, scientifically-based methods for structured literacy, academic achievement assessments, executive function skills,  study skills, working memory support for reading and writing, and parents consultation.

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"From my experience in working with Maayan, she is curious, creative, dedicated, life-long learner who cares deeply about each student and family she supports, always goes above and beyond for each family. If you are working with Maayan, you are in good hands."

Sharon, ET/P

"It has been a really rewarding experience working with Ms. Maayan as she has been passionate about working with my son and supporting him. My son's learning growth has been very visible and his level of confidence has gone up. Thank you Ms. Maayan!" 

Anna, Parent

"As an adult and a non-native English speaker who was never assessed for dyslexia, I was very uncertain when initially reaching out for help, but Maayan's guidance was reassuring from the first time she responded to me. She was practical and knowledgeable in tackling my comprehension and memory weaknesses. Every session was fun and encouraging. Working with Maayan was one of the best investments I've made."

Katie, Studant


San Jose

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