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We provide expert educational strategies and Executive Function Life Coaching for teens and adults with ADHD and other learning challenges. Our services support clients in school, the workplace, and daily life.

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Our Services


Executive Function Life Coaching

Together, we'll create awareness and set meaningful goals by identifying what truly matters to you, aligning these goals with your values, and creating a clear path to achieve them. We'll build sustainable habits that fit seamlessly into your life and support your overall well-being. You'll learn to advocate for your needs and be authentic, empowering you to communicate your needs effectively and stay true to yourself. With a personalized approach, we'll improve cognitive skills like self-regulation, planning, and problem-solving. Through one-on-one sessions, you'll gain practical strategies to manage tasks, time, and emotions efficiently. Coaches help set goals, develop action plans, and build resilience, empowering clients to overcome challenges and achieve success in various aspects of life. 


Educational Therapy

Enhance cognitive skills related to processing and retaining information, personalized interventions like mnemonic devices and visualization techniques to strengthen working memory capacity. By tailoring strategies to individual learning styles, the goal is to improve comprehension, retention, and expression in reading and writing tasks, ultimately fostering academic success and boosting confidence.


Educational Assessments

Academic assessments are conducted to pinpoint a student's strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences, examining skills in reading, writing, math, and comprehension. Employing standardized tests, observations, and interviews to assess academic abilities, attention span, memory, and processing speed. Results guide personalized intervention plans, aiding students in overcoming challenges and achieving academic success.



Offering guidance on the client's educational needs. These sessions cover assessment results, learning challenges, and effective support strategies. We collaborate with parents to develop personalized intervention plans and address concerns, aiming to empower parents to advocate for their child's education and support their overall development and success.

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