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My name is Maayan Glaser-Koren. I am a certified educational therapist (ET/P) and ADHD-CE  with over ten years of teaching experience. I have a background in art history, French studies, educational psychology, and critical thinking. I am fluent in three languages: English, Hebrew, and French. 


I customize my sessions to the client's needs and interests; learning should be fun. I use the whole child approach when it comes to my students. Their motivation, self-esteem, confidence, and grit are essential during our sessions. The best part of my job is bringing back the love of learning with structured and engaging activities. 

My skills support children and adults with learning challenges such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, APD, ADHD, ASD, 2E, SLD, Executive Function challenges, and other language processing difficulties. I love teaching strategies that help my clients to build successful academic habits and personal advocacy. My passion is providing tools and techniques to support working memory for reading comprehension and writing. 

My educational therapy credentials are from the University of California Riverside. I am an active professional member of the National Association of Educational Therapists, the Northern California Dyslexia Association CHADD, and the Learning Disabilities Association of America.

I am trained and use the following programs: 

  • Orton Gillingham

  • Visualizing Verbalizing® 

  • Seeing Stars® 

  • Writing Without Tears®

  • Project Read's Frame Your Thoughts®

  • Structure Word Inquiry 

  • Phonemic Synthesis®

  • SRA Reading Skills®

  • Mind Mapping

  • Seeing My Time®

  • Executive Function Skills 

  • ADHD- Certified Educator

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