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Maayan Glaser-Koren

Maayan Glaser-Koren


I am a certified educational therapist (ET/P) and ADHD-CE with over ten years of teaching experience. My background includes studies in Art History, French, Educational Psychology, and Critical Thinking, and I am fluent in three languages: English, Hebrew, and French.

I believe that learning should be fun, and I customize my sessions to meet the unique needs and interests of each client. I invest time to get to know my clients and build a relationship with them and their support team.  I prioritize the motivation, self-esteem, confidence, and grit of my students during our sessions. The most fulfilling aspect of my job is rekindling a love for learning through engaging and structured activities.

My skills and expertise support children and adults with a variety of learning challenges, including Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, APD, ADHD, ASD, 2E, SLD, and Executive Function challenges. I specialize in teaching strategies that help my clients develop successful academic habits and personal advocacy. My passion lies in providing tools and techniques that support executive functions skills, reading and writing skills. 

My educational therapy credentials are from the University of California Riverside. I am an active professional member of the National Association of Educational Therapists, the Northern California Dyslexia Association CHADD, and the Learning Disabilities Association of America.

I am trained and use the following programs: 

  • Brain Frames®

  • Seeing My Time®

  • Executive Function Skills 

  • Habit building strategies

  • Orton Gillingham

  • Visualizing Verbalizing® 

  • Seeing Stars® 

  • Project Read's Frame Your Thoughts®

  • Structure Word Inquiry 

  • Phonemic Synthesis®

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