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Parent, Young Adult

I wish we had started with Maayan sooner, when the incremental benefits from therapy had slowed.  Maayan immediately injected a boost of positivity and can-do attitude into productivity conflicts that had ossified and were sapping family relations. Even executive functioning skills that didn't seem to stick at the time are now popping up in our son's gap year months later.  Totally worth the time and money to have a higher functioning and more confident son.


As an adult and a non-native English speaker who was never assessed for dyslexia, I was very uncertain when initially reaching out for help, but Maayan's guidance was reassuring from the first time she responded to me. She was practical and knowledgeable in tackling my comprehension and memory weaknesses. Every session was fun and encouraging. Working with Maayan was one of the best investments I've made.

Student, 8th Grade

This year I feel more organized, and I have grown more mature over the summer. I feel like I can thank you Joyce for that.

Parents, 12th Grader

We sincerely appreciate the services and guidance that Joyce have provided, and we would like to express our gratitude for your support. We value the professionalism and commitment demonstrated by you and your team throughout our association.

Parent, 6th Grader

Maayan made a great impact on my daughter's learning and motivation during the past year. The best thing my daughter said to me was 'she understands me'. When she grows up, she'll keep Maayan in her heart, I'm sure of it. I highly recommend Maayan to all of my friends every time we talk.

Sharon Barkan, ET/P

From my experience in working with Maayan, she is curious, creative, dedicated, life-long learner who cares deeply about each student and family she supports, always goes above and beyond for each family. If you are working with Maayan, you are in good hands.

Lydian Academy

It was our absolute pleasure to have Educational Therapy LLC (Maayan) present to our high school and middle school staff  and it was indeed a very valuable presentation (Executive Function and Self Compassion)! Always a joy working with you and thank you again for taking the time to put together the information in a way that reaches all of us, with great care, attention, and authenticity.

Parents, 8th Grader

It has been a really rewarding experience working with Ms. Maayan as she has been passionate about working with my son and supporting him. My son's learning growth has been very visible and his level of confidence has gone up. Thank you Ms. Maayan!

Aubrey Jester, OTDS

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Maayan as an expert mentor for my capstone project. I have benefitted immensely from her knowledge, constructive feedback, and encouragement in biweekly meetings and in email communication. Maayan’s passion and enthusiasm for the subject of executive functioning is clearly evident in our meetings. She has provided me with various resources that have expanded my knowledge and demonstrated her dedication to growth in her field. I have always appreciated how Maayan is both open and timely in her communication, making her very easy to collaborate with. She would always go the extra mile to ask me about how I was doing beyond my project- this made me feel valued and supported. Whenever I was faced with obstacles or uncertainty, Maayan came alongside to help problem-solve and overcome these challenges. I appreciate Maayan and her commitment to guide, support, and contribute to my professional development and I have no doubt she will continue to do the same for others. 

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